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Safe Driving – How to Use the Fast Lane

Mirror signal and manuever Why you shouldn’t drive slowly in the fast lane So which is the fast lane? Multi-lane highways are set up to keep traffic flowing smoothly and therefore drive in a lane that matches your speed. If you’re in the right lane and you’re not passing anybody, you should switch over one …

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Driving skills – blind spots

Driving is not easy and even harder when you have boda bodas and cyclists also sharing the road with you, so, one has no option but to become a defensive driver. This means being aware, of what’s is happening in front, behind, and on the sides of your vehicle, at all times. Most accidents with …

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Driving skills – useful tips

  We’re constantly faced with bad drivers, poor decisions and potential hazards with every turn of the steering wheel. That’s why it’s crucial that us car lovers stick to good driving practices to make sure that we keep our cars away from danger! Here are some useful tips…      

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