1. Validity Warranty:

  • 12 months on Black Tiger batteries from date of purchase for private consumer use (i.e. for Passenger and SUV vehicles)
  • Six months from date of purchase for commercial consumer use

2. The warranty on your battery is invalid if:

  • There is physical damage due to mishandling (e.g. damaged terminals, broken casing)
  • The electrical system of the vehicle is faulty leading to undercharging or overcharging
  • Repairs have been done prior to the battery being presented for claim (e.g. refilling the terminals)
  • Battery has been short circuited

3. For your claim to be processed:

  • You must provide proof of purchase
  • Both the battery and the vehicle it was fitted in should be presented to the vendor or the nearest AutoXpress branch

4.Your claim will be rejected if the battery fails to meet any of the above warranty condition

5.The warranty of replaced battery is valid from the original date of purchase of the faulty battery

1. Ensure that the battery purchased is the correct type and size required for your vehicle
2. Ensure correct fitting on the designated battery tray i.e. terminals clamped firmly but not so tight as to damage them
3. The vehicle's electrical (charging) system should be checked to ensure it is in good working condition at all times

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